A Clean Recovery for 2021 with Community Resilience

Education and Community Building for Clean Energy and Climate

All Together Now, Southern Illinois!


In April, a number of educational events took place on a variety of topics:

  • Go Solar SI!
  • Hydroponics and Urban Gardening
  • Local Food and Farming
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Community Development
  • Biochar and Our Local Carbon Network

You can watch the videos below.


You can find the schedule and sign up for meetings below.

It’s time for a clean recovery for all in 2021. This April and May we’re learning about and organizing our clean energy and climate ventures and target actions to make our lives and our communities safer, more prosperous, and healthier by building our resilience to climate change. These events have been funded by the Just Transition Fund and an ongoing community sponsorship drive is underway to continue these activities. See below for sponsorship options.

Browse events below and link directly to registration and share with friends. Included with each event is a link to discussion groups on CLEANetwork.com for facilitating continuing conversations and activities on all these topics.  Alternatively, download the event PDF flyer with schedule and presentation details, ongoing activities throughout April, and the Climate SWOT survey (which can also be completed here). We’re going to fine-tune the art of “Community Opportunity Organizing,” a term minted here to define our intentional transitions towards clean energy and climate

Read the April 8 press release: Go Solar SI! Solar Discussion April 14

Event Videos

Go Solar SI! Solarize SI, Coal2Sol, Cooperative Owners for Solar, Clean Energy Jobs Act
April 19, 2021

Hydroponics – St. Louis Indoor Produce, Macedonia Development Corporation and GreenOurPlanet.org
April 20, 2021

Local Food and Farms – Round Table Discussion
April 20, 2020

Tim Michels – Energy Resources Group – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Southern Illinois Community Development
April 23, 2021

Dr. Paul Anderson – Biochar-Making Options for Our Southern Illinois Local Carbon Network – April 27, 2021

Upcoming Events

Past Events



"All Together Now, Southern Illinois!" Continuing Activities

Never a dull moment!

Community Climate SWOT Analysis

A course and surveys are available online where everyone in our southern Illinois region can provide their thoughts and input on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our homes, communities and businesses in the face of clean energy and climate change. We will use the results of the Community Climate SWOT survey to inform our community listening forum events, times and dates still TBA. Everyone who completes the course and surveys online will earn points on their CLEANetwork.com profile.

Sponsor and Supporter Signups

SPONSOR AND SUPPORTER SIGNUPS – These efforts are supported through a unique model of support for and by local businesses. Half of the proceeds for local business packages at the shop local platform at www.ShopSouthernIllinois.com go towards all the activities above and continuing these activities over the coming months. You can sign up at the links below. All packages include setup support for your business on the platform. Also, donations from individuals are also welcome and appreciated! Payments can be made monthly or annually.

Parachutes for the Planet

PARACHUTES FOR THE PLANET – The Climate Economy Education Inc has 10 parachutes available for elementary, home or high school groups that want to create their climate parachute and make an impact on the world. Just call Amy at 618-713-2896 or email amy@the climateeconomy.com. Our local efforts are super important and we can show our love for Mother Earth every day. 

Youth Climate Economy Ventures

YOUTH CLIMATE ECONOMY VENTURES – High schoolers and students of all ages can register on the YCEV Hub. We are asking students to complete Step 1 of a new climate venture, which includes envisioning the future we want to see, determining the target actions we need to take to get there, and looking at the related problem actions in our current situation. We have inspirational videos available for screening for your class or group, and we have a list of inspiration at The Hub also. For info about screenings contact Amy at 618-713-2896 or email amy@theclimateeconomy.com. Students that submit Step 1 on The Hub can share their ideas if they want at the upcoming community listening forums in May, dates and times TBD. 

For Educators

Get ideas and resources for new programming for helping students explore, envision and create our future.

For Students

Envision your future and take the first step towards creating it. Learn, create, have fun and make new friends.

For Residents

Simplify and improve your life by learning about and taking target actions. Improve health, save money and earn rewards.

For Businesses

Show your community commitment and address business and financial risks from climate change.

All About Business Sponsorships

It’s time for a clean recovery for all in southern Illinois in 2021. Focusing on building community resilience in the face of climate change, we’re going to be:

1. Learning about new clean energy and climate business opportunities for the southern Illinois region, and
2. Building community capacity for new ventures, jobs and businesses.

The Climate Economy Education Inc (TCE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for education on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity.  TCE has developed a unique business model for economic development in southern Illinois, with local businesses, communities, families and students working together towards the common goal of healthy, prosperous and safe communities. We provide the education, tools and resources online that facilitate economic activity in our daily lives. Over the coming year, we’re going to be trying out this model, which can serve as a model for other rural communities across the country. Your business sponsorship will support the structure to bring forward new clean energy and climate businesses across the region. You will also get a great marketing tool, information about how to prepare your business for climate change, and build your image as a supporter of our local communities. How will this work?

TCE works with local business directory ShopSouthernIllinois.com. First of all, the directory helps people find the things they need from local shops and service providers. Second, the technology behind this shop-local platform makes it possible for local businesses to rank better in search results. So when people are shopping for the products that your business sells, your business show up in search results before the big box stores. The platform also provides additional tools for businesses to automate websites, social media posts and online stores. It’s a great all-in-one marketing deal for local small businesses with little time or interest for marketing! When you become a sponsor of “All Together Now, Southern Illinois,” half of your sponsorship goes to paying for the services on the platform to help your business sell more, and half go to a tax-deductible donation sponsoring the educational nonprofit activities of Youth Climate Economy Ventures and the CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEANetwork.com).

Youth Climate Economy Ventures is a program for high-school age students to envision the future they want to see, and to actually create that future. The CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEANetwork.com) is a hub for online education, community team building, and a database of places, events, resources needed and wanted (classifieds), climate ventures and target actions. People get access to lists of available actions they can take on a daily basis to reduce emissions, increase community resilience and increase human connections. When your business sponsors the “All Together Now, Southern Illinois!” initiative, everyone across the region participating in YCEV and CLEANetwork.com will know that your business is supporting the worthwhile efforts.

When you purchase a sponsorship package on www.ShopSouthernIllinois.com half goes to the business services on the platform and half goes towards a tax-deductible donation towards The Climate Economy’s educational and community building activities. Benefits of Sponsorship:

–Show commitment to community and people and environment

–Participate in strengthening local resilience – long-term thinking

–Sell more – list your business on ShopSouthernIllinois.com, a local business directory

–Stay up to date and reduce risks from climate change

–Explore new partnerships and business opportunities

–Listed as sponsors of all Youth Climate Economy Ventures and CLimate Economy Action Network educational and community building programs for local students, families and communities

–Learn – take courses on CLEANetwork.com

Our local businesses will be the fuel that supports the growth of our communities! This is a great opportunity for all of us in southern Illinois to get together and build a clean recovery for all!

Please choose your sponsorship level below:

  • Gold: $100/month ($1,200 annual cost); $1,100 if paid annually up front (one month free) – 50% tax deductible – Comes with “Value” DIY package on ShopSouthernIllinois.com which includes everything in Free and: 2 Digital Coupons, 50 Marketplace Items (product and service pages), 5 Directory Categories, 100 Photo Uploads, 5 Events, 5 Video Uploads, 5 Webpages, 500 Newsletter Subscribers
  • Silver: $50/month ($600 annual cost); $550 if paid annually up front (one month free) – 50% tax deductible – comes with an “Intro” DIY package on ShopSouthernIllinois.com, which includes everything in Free and: 1 Digital Coupon, 10 Marketplace Items (product and service pages), 3 Directory Categories, 10 Photo Uploads, 2 Events, 1 Video Upload, 1 Webpage; also includes one free hour of help managing your listing every month
  • Bronze: $250/year -100% deductible – comes with a Free package on ShopSouthernIllinois.com which includes your business profile on the #shoplocal directory and:  Get found on Google, Collect community reviews, Sell gift certificates


Read more about The Climate Economy Education Inc volunteer opportunities on CLEANetwork.com and Youth Climate Economy ventures. Volunteers earn points on their CLEANetwork.com balance and also get certificates of accomplishment!