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Right now, April 2021, in Illinois, there are several different clean energy bills that are being considered. Here, we provide an educational analysis of the most comprehensive of those: the Clean Energy Jobs Act. The Clean Energy Jobs Act also includes equity provisions that the other bills do not live up to. 

Course: Clean Energy and Jobs: What Everyone Needs to Know – Focus on Illinois and CEJA

Take this course to start your energy transition. It covers all the issues involved. We transition to clean energy and jobs and away from fossil fuels. It’s individual and systemic change. It’s knowing the facts and taking action. We focus on the Clean Energy Jobs Act in Illinois, comprehensive energy legislation that was just recently re-introduced.

Intro-To-Go: Clean Energy and Jobs and CEJA in Illinois

This is a pared-down version of the Clean Energy and Jobs Course, and only includes the topics specifically related to Illinois and the Clean Energy Jobs Act pending legislation. It won’t take long at all and you’ll still get the list of target actions at the end.

A Toolkit for a Clean Recovery in 2021: Clean Energy and Jobs – Focus on Illinois and CEJA

Keep the CEJA facts and the tips you need to know with you at times with this toolkit. Use the toolkit as a daily reminder for tips, tricks and tasks to do your part in the energy transition, and share widely. CEJA is a great example of comprehensive energy legislation that’s good for the climate, economy and humanity. The toolkit is also in the course, and can be used on it’s own or along with the course.

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Clean Energy and Clean Jobs For All of Us

We are here to learn about clean energy and jobs, and to get involved in the clean energy and clean jobs transformation. The Climate Economy Education Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for education.

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Watch a video by Illinois citizen Jean Korte about energy in Illinois and the Clean Energy Jobs Act

Watch a 2019 Panel Discussion on Clean Energy in Southern Illinois

The transition to clean energy for electricity and transportation is hands-down the most important issue today related to climate change and environmental and human health damage from use of fossil fuels. We can and must transition to clean energy, and it’s going to create more jobs than will be lost in fossil fuels, it will lower costs of electricity, lower health issues and death from fossil fuel pollution (exhaust fumes). It’s good for the climate, economy and humanity, and here on we’ll be keeping everyone informed on how to transition and how to take target actions to get involved.

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