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1 Why We’re Here

Amy December 22, 2020

CLEANetwork is a project of The Climate Economy Education Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for education on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. Human activities, especially burning of fossil fuels for energy, are causing global temperatures to rise unnaturally fast. This is disrupting systems of life all across the planet, possibly permanently and in deadly ways. We have a short time to change our habits or it’s possible that future generations will be left with a chaotic and dangerous home. We need global changes to clean renewable energy for all, and new and better ways of doing things to lower our negative impact on our environment. The best part is that it’s totally possible and will result in better health and standards of living for all. Anyone who tells you differently is selling snake oil.

It’s a complicated change and involves every facet of our lives. So here on CLEANetwork we’re helping every individual tackle the challenges of climate change head-on by offering better, smarter, cheaper ways of getting our energy, food, shelter, health and happiness.

CLEANetwork is free and open to the public, although some areas of the website require that you set up an account, which is also free and which you can cancel at any time. There is no obligation or requirement for participation, but we hope you will be inspired and encouraged to take action.

In The Climate Economy, we envision happy and productive people living their dreams and supporting their families while prioritizing all life on Earth. We’re optimizing our connections to nature and humanity, and downplaying the empty promises of obscene wealth and “things.” We’re going to learn to use the power in our own hands to create our future. Here’s what we’re trying to do here:

  1. Learning about what’s actually happening in the world and our place in it, and cultivating nurturing traits and behaviors,

We are all different, we all have a responsibility and something to contribute, and that’s good; here we embrace diversity and inclusion. We’re going to help every single person, with all their experience, skills and varying levels of ambition, find their niche. We’re going to build a new reality that’s good for the climate, economy and humanity, and in the process conserve and preserve our home for future generations and have tons of fun together. It’s all good, and it’s absolutely possible, it’s fun and exciting. Like anything worth doing, it takes intention, attention and patience, so that’s why we’re here together.

  1. Getting involved in community projects, groups developing ideas, finding opportunities to help or providing help in our communities, and

We’re helping to bring forward the “climate conservation corps,” a mobilization of our citizens to help create sustainable and resilient lifestyles, jobs and communities for current and future generations. Entrepreneurship, including innovation and courage, is what fires the flames of human progress. In the past, entrepreneurship, venture capital and innovation have been relegated to the upper echelon of society. Projects take years of planning and tons of money, every strategy planned out just so, in order to maximize profit for shareholders. On CLEANetwork: everyone is empowered to be an entrepreneur NOW and help save the world with their existing expertise and resources, working together to build a better world for all. It’s accessible to all and we’re working to make things better for all, especially the most vulnerable and poor among us, not just profits for the few. 

  1. Creating new ways of doing everything, being productive and getting the things we need in ways that that don’t harm people or the environment.

CLEANetwork is an online community for getting ideas and getting involved. We’re advancing humanity through individual and community action. We have big, urgent, complicated problems that need fixing and we need all hands on deck. Climate change is causing or exacerbating problems such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, human migration, food and water shortages, animal and plant extinction, economic upheaval and inequality, and even violence. This is especially true for individuals and communities on the front lines of climate change and those suffering from systemic injustices. On CLEANetwork, we tackle these problems, help people, protect nature for future generations and find better ways of doing things in the meantime.

As already mentioned, this is complicated. Transition or change is always hard, and every level of our lives are going to be changed at least a little bit. It’s nothing to be afraid of. We’ve got everything you need to thrive authentically, so don’t worry. You don’t have to memorize anything or know every fact, although there is no shortage of factual information and reports on climate change and the economy. We don’t have to sacrifice our standards of living and go live in caves without electricity; quite the contrary. It’s going to be invigorating to get back to basics of taking care of each other and our common home.

Tips and Warnings

Don’t post anything secret or private that you don’t want anyone to find out. We have security measures in place on this website but in reality if you post, say or do anything online, it’s out there.

This is a space for helpfulness, productivity and positivity. In fact we have a whole list of traits and behaviors we admire and encourage. We will remove people for whatever reason we deem necessary. If you’re being unhelpful, mean or purposefully dishonest, for example, you can be removed from the community. You may get a warning.

Again, be careful about what you get involved in, who you meet with, where you go, etc. We hope everyone on CLEANetwork is going to work in good faith, but there may be badsies who sneak in under our radar. We will do our best to make sure people here are on the level, but we might miss something. Just use common sense and check things out, make sure things seem legit. Do your homework.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Amy at or at 618.713.2896. 


Are you in doubt that we can and must transition to a clean, prosperous society? Lucky for you, many excellent studies exist that illustrate the risks and opportunities that face humanity at this moment in time. Every study by legitimate organizations agrees: pursuing a clean, green economy is better in every way. Even studies by so-called right-wing conservative groups call for a watered-down version of the same strategies. You don’t have to read every word if you don’t want to, but read some highlights.

We Can ChangeWe Must Change
US Deep Decarbonization PathwaysIRENA – Roadmap to 2050Rewiring America: Jobs Report, Handbook and Household Savings ReportIMF Chapter 3US National Climate AssessmentNASA’s Climate Change WebsiteIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ReportsUN’s Introduction to Gender and Climate Change

This is just the start of the many studies and information available on these topics. Dive in deeper on what interests you. Make sure to stick to reputable sources. Many organizations with lots of money are attempting to mislead people. For a tutorial on checking sources, click here.

Feel free to log in on CLEANetwork and share what you’ve learned on your profile!