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Amy July 8, 2020


We have so much to learn. We can learn our whole lives and still not know everything. But we can find out what interests us, explore as many things as we want, and dive in as deep as we want. In CLEANetwork courses we’re going to provide as much education as we can on an infinite variety of topics. We’re going to invite experts in everything to help us all do better at cooperating with all life on Earth.

Where To Find Courses

You can find Courses in the Title Bar menu and in your Profile.

What You Can Do With Courses

You can learn, of course! You can probably earn badges or points or certificates (we’re figuring this all out as we go). Also, you can teach. Do you have a special skill you’ve developed or always been good that that you can share with people? Everyone can benefit from everyone’s knowledge.

You can also become an “Instructor” on CLEANetwork if you have courses to offer. You can also post courses you find online that people might find helpful.

Key To Remember About Courses

Lots of courses already exist out there. We’ve got our courses but we want to know about those too. We’ll provide info on that but also, if you know of something, please post it in your Blog with the tag “courses.”