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Intro-To-Go: Getting Started on CLEANetwork

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Amy December 22, 2020

Choose your adventure. Please note that the information listed below is not exhaustive of all possible activities and rewards, and new things are being frequently added.

In a nutshell: Activities on and off CLEANetwork can be verified and rewarded. You may earn points on CLEANetwork through doing certain tasks or through transfers from others who have target actions to reward. We also use Appii for resume building. Certain activities that are “resume builders” can be verified and will show up on your Appii online resume. You can sign up for free through a link you can get by emailing or calling Amy at 618 713 2896.  Not all points and resume rewards are listed here. What do you get for points? For now it’s just bragging rights, but that will soon be upgraded to additional options. As for your resume rewards, those will be on your resume and you can share it with potential employers or for other purposes.

Go Options Rewards
Be Yourself Login on CLEANetwork. Add to your profile. Create a To Do list. Make lists of your favorite places or target actions. Write a post about an idea. Comment on others’ content. Add to the Exchange. Make friends. Invite others to join. Click on the “My Profile” link in the left-side menu.
  • Publishing content (posts, events, opportunities, places, target actions, projects, to do items, lists): 10 points each
  • Making a friend: 10 points
  • Publish courses or target actions: 100 points
  • Referrals: 25 points
Explore All the Climate Economy topics have pages on the CLEANetwork Magazine for the latest headlines.
  • Become a News Curator (TCE volunteer position) and earn 500 points and Appii Volunteer Rewards.
Start or Join a Group Go to Groups on CLEANetwork. There are many groups to join, or start your own, online or offline. Join up with a group of friends or neighbors and share ideas and actions.
  • Join a group on CLEANetwork: 10 points
  • Someone favorites your forum topic or replies: 5 points
  • Start a group (TCE volunteer position): 100 points
Learn Courses are being added regularly, are free and simple. Want to publish a course? Contact us.
  • Finish a course: 50 points
  • Become an Instructor (TCE volunteer position) and publish a course: 100 points
Exchange Post or browse. 1. Opportunities: your basic classifieds. 2. Places: organizations or entities advancing The Climate Economy. 3. Events: find stuff happening near you. 4. Target Actions: learning and doing that can get you points or resume rewards.

Posting opportunities, events, and places: 10 points

Posting Target Actions: 100 points (if you need points, apply for some.)

Volunteer There will soon be many volunteer opportunities listed on the Exchange. Also, there are several options for volunteering with The Climate Economy Education Inc and CLEANetwork. Get points and Appii resume rewards. Read more.