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Opportunities to Help or Get Help on New Projects and Ideas

Amy July 8, 2020


Opportunities (via classifieds) on CLEANetwork are where we can help or be helped. We can post our needs or post our abilities and resources. Eventually we’ll match up and get things done.

How to Find Opportunities

Use the menu in the Title Bar to search or post Opportunities.

What You Can Do With Opportunities

Opportunities are basically classifieds. We’re saying what we need to move our idea along, or we’re providing help. One of the most basic things you can do is ask for “Feedback.” you can offer points or just ask people to do it for free.

Key to Remember About Opportunities

This is where we’re filling the gaps in the forward action. Don’t be shy about posting what you need. Also, be sure to check in on Opportunities regularly so you can help where necessary!