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Points and Exchange

Amy July 8, 2020


Everyone can currently earn points by being active on the site. For example, you get a point each time you log in, you get 20 points for finishing the “Getting Started on CLEANetwork” course and you get 10 points for starting a new group. Other little things too, like posting content or a comment. This is an evolving situation and we’re still figuring out exactly how to work this. The idea is that people earn points and then they can award those to others for help, for example if someone provides feedback you requested in “Opportunies,” you can reward them some of your points. We’re also hoping to make this a system with external organizations or businesses that want to reward their customers who take certain target actions. Still evolving, and if you have ideas or experience in this area please join the discussion in the “Help Improve CLEANetwork” group.

Where You Find Points

Your Points are in your Profile, under My History. More on this soon. There is a box where you should be able to transfer points once the system is up and running. Thanks for your patience.

How You Can Use Points

When you earn points, you can use them for getting feedback or otherwise rewarding them to or exchanging them with other users.

Key to Remember About Points.

We’re not worried about earning as many points as possible necessarily, but rather circulating the points to keep things moving.