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Posting and Browsing Ideas, Topics and Events

Amy July 7, 2020


We want everyone to be able to find and share topics, ideas and events. This is where we find our niche, dig into the topics we like, learn more about them and come up with related ideas.

How to Get There

Everyone can post ideas, topics, and events you know about. You can click on “Create New Post” or “Add Event” in the Title Bar along the top. You can also browse ideas, topics and events posts from the Title Bar menu.

What You Can Do

Add Topics: When you just see something interesting and want to post it, go for it. Be sure to add your category and add the “topic” tag.

Add Idea: When you have an idea for developing a new venture, post it. If you can, include:

  1. Your vision,
  2. Why it’s good for the climate/economy/humanity,
  3. What’s the target action, or the action we want people to take
  4. What’s the problem action, or the action we want to stop or change.

Be sure to add the appropriate category and theĀ  “idea” tag in your post.

Add Events: Helping out with a local event? Post it here!

You can also BROWSE ideas, topics and events.

Key to Remember for Posting Ideas, Topics and Events

Categories: Choose one or more categories for your post. There are MANY categories, because this is about all aspects of human life. So take your time and choose.

Tags: Tag your post as either “idea” or “topic” or “course.” That way we can keep them separated.