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Target Actions That People Can Take

Amy July 8, 2020


Target actions are the “products and services” of The Climate Economy.  These are not products and services in the traditional sense, with a focus on consumption and a never-ending quest for unsustainable economic growth. It’s about people creating and communicating sustainable, resilient and fun ways of life, ways of doing things and getting the things we need.

Examples of target actions include:

  • Providing people with an easy way to learn about or sign up for community solar
  • Helping people to buy more local food, products and services
  • Selling clothing made from local hemp
  • Developing a way to produce the things we need without harming the environment, for example producing plastic with renewable biomaterials

The possibilities are endless! Target actions can be big, like cleaning up whole parts of a city from waste or pollution, or small (relatively speaking), like getting individuals to donate a few hours a week in community gardens. Everyone can participate in target actions or build their own. From now on our products and services are good for the climate, economy and humanity.

The aim of all of our climate ventures that we’re building here is to get people to take target actions. To develop target actions, groups can work with the Climate Venture Map to develop new ways of doing things, i.e. lifestyles and business models, that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. On our Climate Venture Map we determine:

  1. Our visions of the future
  2. Why it’s good for the climate, economy, and humanity,
  3. What our target action is that we want people to take, and
  4. What is the problem action that we want to move people away from.

Along the way between our problem action and target action, we aim to strategically change behavior and the systems that are in place that facilitate the problem action. So it’s a journey of individual and systemic change, and we’re helping people along.

Where Can I Find Target Actions

Target actions are in the Title Bar menu. You can browse Target Actions and add your own, even become a vendor of Target Actions.

What Can I Do With Target Actions

You can post target actions that you have come up with that will reward people in some way for reducing emissions, changing bad habits or recycling plastic for example. If you have a company, you can offer coupons for people who do a certain target action. You can give points. Sky is the limit. We don’t have “company” accounts but if your company is offering something that you as an individual can vouch for, you can list it. Contact amy @ the climate economy.com if you need ideas or help.

Key To Remember About Target Actions

It’s a brave new world my friends. Don’t be shy. It’s a whole new way of doing things, and might feel silly at first, but we’ll make it work.