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What is CLEANetwork?

Amy July 7, 2020


CLEANetwork is a project of The Climate Economy Education Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for education on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. Everything on CLEANetwork is free and open to the public, although some areas of the website require that you set up an account, which is also free and which you can cancel at any time. There is no obligation or requirement for participation, but we hope you will be inspired and encouraged to take action.

In The Climate Economy, we have happy and productive people living their dreams and supporting their families while prioritizing all life on Earth. We’re optimizing our connections to nature and humanity, and downplaying the empty promises of obscene wealth and “things.” We’re going to learn to use the power in our own hands to create our future. Here’s what we’re trying to do here:

  1. Learning about what’s actually happening in the world and our place in it, and cultivating nurturing traits and behaviors,
  2. Getting involved in community projects, groups developing ideas, finding opportunities to help or providing help in our communities, and
  3. Creating new ways of doing everything, being productive and getting the things we need in ways that that don’t harm people or the environment.

CLEANetwork is an online community for getting ideas and getting involved. We’re advancing humanity through individual and community action. We have big, urgent, complicated problems that need fixing and we need all hands on deck. Climate change is causing or exacerbating problems such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, human migration, food and water shortages, animal and plant extinction, economic upheaval and inequality, and even violence. On CLEANetwork, we tackle these problems, help people, protect nature for future generations and find better ways of doing things in the meantime.

We’re helping to bring forward the “climate conservation corps,” a mobilization of our citizens to help create sustainable and resilient lifestyles, jobs and communities for current and future generations. Entrepreneurship, including innovation and courage, is what fires the flames of human progress. In the past, entrepreneurship, venture capital and innovation have been relegated to the upper echelon of society. Projects take years of planning and tons of money, every strategy planned out just so, in order to maximize profit for shareholders. On CLEANetwork: everyone is empowered to be an entrepreneur NOW and help save the world with their existing expertise and resources, working together to build a better world for all. It’s accessible to all and we’re working to make things better for all, not just profits for the few. 

We are all different, we all have something to contribute, and that’s good; here we embrace diversity and inclusion. We’re going to help every single person, with all their experience, skills and varying levels of ambition, find their niche. We’re going to build a new reality that’s good for the climate, economy and humanity, and in the process conserve and preserve our home for future generations and have tons of fun together. It’s all good, and it’s absolutely possible, it’s fun and exciting. Like anything worth doing, it takes intention, attention and patience, so that’s why we’re here together.

What You Can DO on CLEANetwork

CLEANetwork is an online platform to get us out there taking action in the real world. On CLEANetwork, we’re doing one or all of these three things:

  1. Starting new ventures: projects, businesses or community actions, by forming groups, setting up plans, posting opportunities and needs in the classifieds
  2. Participating in ventures or actions: things we can do in our own lives or in our communities, by browsing and opportunities or needs people have posted, or by participating on a group, and
  3. Finding our niche: exploring and learning about ideas, topics, courses and events, and determining where we want to put our energy.

Tools on CLEANetwork:

  • Take courses about a variety of topics. Courses here are publicly available but some courses that have discussion groups may require setting up an account.
  • Browse ideas for business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate/economy/humanity and post your own (posting requires account setup)
  • Browse opportunities in the classifieds related to ideas and climate ventures and post your own, such as help wanted and offered (posting requires account setup)
  • Participate in groups and discussion forums, and manage projects within your group (account setup required)
  • Meet people and connect with local groups (account setup required for profile, connections, etc.)

Let’s run through an example. The climate venture I’d like to build is a local carbon network. I’ve posted the idea. I need to generate some more information and also build a team, or a group, that is interested and willing to help. We can put together a project with tasks and deliverables and seek assistance and funding for our climate venture in Opportunities. Then once it’s up and running we can sell our products and services here and elsewhere: shares in the community-supported local carbon network and bags of fertilized biochar as a soil amendment. 

It’s just the beginning of a whole new and exciting chapter for humanity. Welcome aboard.

The rest of this course will provide brief overviews of the points above. We are learning and improving as we go along so jump in with us and let us know how we can do this better.

Upon completion of this course, we can post The Climate Economy Badge (below) on your profile and earn 20 points. You also get points for doing other things like logging in, joining groups, etc. Have fun!

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